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If you’re are reading this message, it means my queue has reached its end.

I’m going back to my hiatus now. I’m probably in school now, doing more studying and revision /~\
The main reason I came back to Tumblr was to tell you guys that I wasn’t DEAD, or that I didn’t officially leave Tumblr… and because I friggin missed Tumblr so much and BABY Day and Kyungsoo Day and Jongin Day was coming so I thought it was a good time…
I’m not coming back for a while now, maybe until the end of the academic year. This time it’s serious revision, for the real thing. It was real nice coming back, seeing how little Tumblr has changed, how amazing everyone is in the new year. I’m really sad that I could only be on for a few days, but since time is going by really fast nowadays, I won’t wait long for the next time I’ll come back.

I’ll work real hard on my exams and I’ll spend my downtime writing because it lets go of stress. I wish I had the time to release one chapter of my most recent creation - I haven’t named it yet but it features Bangtan - but I guess I shouldn’t start that until I finish the Baekhyun one. Which… I don’t know when. I’m going to be quietly sneaking around my Tumblr from now on, liking posts to save for my next queue in a few months.

But, as of now, I’m gonna go. I wish you all a great 2014 and I hope you live through it smoothly. Laugh when you wanna laugh, cry when you wanna cry, and treat your new year’s resolutions like your life depended on it. Bye guys~

happy jongin day ♡ (watch here)



the stereotype that women talk more than men is infinitely amusing to me because men are literally incapable of shutting the fuck up

i hope this post gets popular enough that i hurt a man’s feelings


the museum of you; a countdown to jongin’s birthday

5/8: xoxo

eye contact


0113: A special day for the special couple KAISOO.

◕ ‿ ◕

BAP in white;


Welcome to XOXO University!
[EXO COLLEGE AU; (fem!Xiumin,Suho,Lay,Baek,Sehun,D.O)]
In which Yixing is a virgin and Yifan is a clueless boyfriend, Jongdae is hopelessly in love with a pretty senior named Joonmyeon, Jongin follows his Kyungsoo noona like a puppy, Sehun wonders why she’s the girl in the relationship instead of Zitao, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are friends…. with benefits, and Luhan is one of those overly protective men for Minseok and his cousin, Yixing.


oh you need a fire extinguisher?? haha I thought you said fire DISTINGUISHER because I’m an expert and that is definitely on fire